3 Tips For Keeping Your Child's Asthma Under Control In Day Care

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As a parent of a child with asthma, you have to be vigilant about your child's health in every setting. If your child attends day care, managing your child's asthma can be challenging, but very possible. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your child remains healthy while in a child care environment. 

Create an Asthma Treatment Plan

Although you already have an asthma treatment plan to follow at home, you need to create a new one for your child care provider. The plan you provide to the provider has to include many of the details that are in your at-home plan. 

For instance, you need to have a list detailing what your child's triggers are. The plan also needs to include what actions the provider needs to take if your child has an asthma attack. 

In addition to this information, the plan needs to provide emergency contact information for both parents and a friend or relative who can assume care of your child in the event that a medical crisis occurs. 

Review the Plan With the Provider

Before the first day of child care, you need to discuss your child's condition with the provider and every staff member who will have contact with your child throughout the day. Review the asthma treatment plan with them to ensure that everyone is aware of what steps should be followed in the event that your child has a medical emergency.

Take several copies of the plan with you to share with the provider.  Ensure that the plan is readily available in the areas in which your child will be. 

Keep the Provider Aware of Changes

It is imperative that your child care provider is kept in the loop about your child's condition. If there are any changes to his or her condition, such as a different medication or a need to modify the asthma treatment plan, make sure the provider is aware. 

You also need to ensure that the provider knows to alert you of any problems your child has with his or her health throughout the day. As an added measure, you can create a daily form that the provider can complete at the end of the day. The information gained from the form can be shared with your child's pediatrician. 

As long as your child care provider is well informed of your child's condition and the treatment plan, he or she can provide the care your child needs during the day. For more tips about collaborating with a child care provider to ensure your child's health, contact a facility such as Rainbow School, Inc.


28 April 2016

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