Fantastic Tips For Day One Of Day Care

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When you are going to be sending your wee little one off to daycare for the first time, you want to make that transition as easy as possible on everyone in the household. There are some things you can do that will make the transition a lot easier and you can learn about some of them right here: Start on the schedule a week ahead of time By the time the first day of daycare comes, you want to know that the morning is going to go off without a hitch.

3 September 2018

What You & Your Child Can Expect from Montessori Schooling

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Are you thinking about sending your child to a Montessori school? Here are just a few awesome things you and your little one can expect from this program: An Independent Environment Because Montessori schools tailor their environments to the specific characteristics of the children who attend them, a structure is created that helps kids learn how to address their own personal needs and make their own decisions without fear of negative consequences.

20 December 2016

Tips To Prepare You For College

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Whether you are fresh out of high school or are starting college after a long absence, preparing yourself for the journey ahead will help you gain the most from the experience. Spend a few weeks developing a strategy to prepare yourself for the academic challenge. Brush Up On Fundamental Concepts When possible, you should consider spending a few weeks before the semester starts enrolling in college preparatory work. These courses may be offered through private organizations or by your college.

13 December 2016

Tips For Easing Teen Anxieties Before Driving Lessons

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When the time comes to teach your teen to drive, it's normal to feel some level of anxiety. After all, with more than 2,000 teens killed in car accidents in 2013, it's natural for parents to worry. What you may be surprised to find is that your teen could also be suffering with anxiety over the process. If you talk with your child and he or she seems worried, there are a few things that you can do to help.

7 December 2016

3 Common Preschool Philosophies And How To Choose Between Them

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When you were growing up, you may or may not have gone to preschool, but chances are that if you did, your parents just chose a preschool that was convenient to their location or that their friends had children in as well. And if you didn't go to preschool, the odds are that it didn't make much – or any – difference to your overall school career. In today's educational system, however, not only are there a wider variety of preschool programs to choose from, the choice is more important than it used to be.

7 December 2016

Tips For Helping Dyslexia Students

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Kids with dyslexia often have a difficult time in school because this learning disability makes it harder to do math problems, write, spell and read because the brain has trouble translating images like numbers and letters. It's one of the more common learning disabilities. It's often present along with other disabilities, such as ADHD, making it particularly common in ADHD schools. There are a number of tips which can be used to make learning easier for dyslexia students.

28 July 2016

3 Tips For Keeping Your Child's Asthma Under Control In Day Care

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As a parent of a child with asthma, you have to be vigilant about your child's health in every setting. If your child attends day care, managing your child's asthma can be challenging, but very possible. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your child remains healthy while in a child care environment.  Create an Asthma Treatment Plan Although you already have an asthma treatment plan to follow at home, you need to create a new one for your child care provider.

28 April 2016

Ways To Use Your Pilot's License For More Than Just Recreational Flights

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Many people take flight lessons to fulfill a bucket list item and to fly planes for recreation in their spare time. However, you can also parlay the aviation training that you acquire into ways to make extra money. In addition to going on fun rides for your personal pleasure, you can use a small aircraft that you rent or own to launch a well-paying small business or help out those in need of airlifts.

23 September 2015

Two Key Things Recording Engineers Must Learn

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Having a deep love and appreciation for music is one of the key elements needed for recording engineers, but having a good ear is also a necessity. A recording engineer, also called a sound engineer, is a person you will find at a music recording studio. This person not only records music, but he or she also mixes it. Becoming a recording engineer requires the proper education, and here are some of the things you will learn if you go to college for this profession.

22 October 2014