Tips For Helping Dyslexia Students

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Kids with dyslexia often have a difficult time in school because this learning disability makes it harder to do math problems, write, spell and read because the brain has trouble translating images like numbers and letters. It's one of the more common learning disabilities. It's often present along with other disabilities, such as ADHD, making it particularly common in ADHD schools. There are a number of tips which can be used to make learning easier for dyslexia students.

28 July 2016

3 Tips For Keeping Your Child's Asthma Under Control In Day Care

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As a parent of a child with asthma, you have to be vigilant about your child's health in every setting. If your child attends day care, managing your child's asthma can be challenging, but very possible. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your child remains healthy while in a child care environment.  Create an Asthma Treatment Plan Although you already have an asthma treatment plan to follow at home, you need to create a new one for your child care provider.

28 April 2016