Tips For Helping Dyslexia Students

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Kids with dyslexia often have a difficult time in school because this learning disability makes it harder to do math problems, write, spell and read because the brain has trouble translating images like numbers and letters. It's one of the more common learning disabilities. It's often present along with other disabilities, such as ADHD, making it particularly common in ADHD schools. There are a number of tips which can be used to make learning easier for dyslexia students.

Make Use of Available Technology

It can be easier to deal with reading assignments if the student can listen to the assignment on CD or through an audio file while reading their written copy. Organizations like Learning Ally have many audio materials to help with this. Dictating written work into a speech recognition program on the computer can help with written assignments, or even just typing the assignment on the computer instead of writing it down by hand. Make use of computers and computer programs that can read to the student.

Time Management Skills

Because of this learning disability, dyslexia students often need more time to complete assignments than other students. It can be helpful for them to learn time management skills, such as breaking up assignments into smaller parts and scheduling times to work on each part rather than just noting a due date on their calendar. Days with no homework can be used to get a start on work due in the future.

Organization Help

Organize the lesson so that it starts with an outline of what will be taught and ends with a summary of what was discussed to help ensure that it is easier to remember for students with dyslexia. Using different folders or dividers to help keep work organized, giving the student a written checklist of what needs to be done and making sure the student has all of the necessary supplies for the homework can also be helpful. It can be useful to make sure the student has the phone numbers of friends in the class she can call if she finds she is unsure of what the homework assignment is.

Written Information

When writing on the blackboard, teachers should make sure to write clearly with plenty of space and either change colors or underline every other line to make it easier for dyslexic students to read. Leave the writing up for plenty of time, or use handouts instead of having the children copy from the board. Younger children may benefit from a reference chart that shows how each letter should be formed in both cursive and non-cursive writing to help them improve their handwriting.

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28 July 2016

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